Sort of a sad day, but i have a kid almost here and a roscoe bubbe mtn 
coming that will make a way better kid hauler. So I'm offering up for sale 
my beloved Trek 870. It's the top of the line model from 1985. I got into 
bikes by getting into vintage treks and this one was a model i had my eye 
out for for many years.  I eventually found it as a 30$ frame that i bought 
out of someone's trunk, had it powdercoated and got the original decals and 
stuff for it. 


It's the 22in model. I'm 5'10 with an 86pbh and it fits me great. Tange 
prestige tubing. Huge tire clearances (has 2.2 tires on it right now with 
lots of room leftover). HERE 
<> is the catalog 
with all the info/geo. 

Wheels are used but in good shape. Newish halo twin rail tires. New headset 
and bb. Crank is now a xd2 triple. Newish deore rear der.. seatpost and 
front der. are vintage/nothing special. has a brooks flyer on it now. i put 
a rear brake support thing on it because i had one lying around. 90's era 
shimano canti's.

Full disclosure: it has a few very small and shallow dings that happened 
during shipment back from painting. these are on the top tube and one on 
the seatstay, and are purely cosmetic. they are near impossible to see 
unless up close staring down the length of the tube. Hard enough to see 
that i couldn't get the painter to acknowledge them in photographs when i 
was complaining. Ill do my best to photograph them, if you are interested. 

I'm looking to sell it as :



*-Frame/fork/wheels/tires/crankset/derailleurs/seatpost/brakes/brooks flyer 
saddle in honey-450$+shipping*

(i'm not including rack, pedals, cockpit or bag)

If you are in southern california, we can avoid shipping. 

i'm sentimental about it and I mainly just want it to go to home where 
someone will appreciate what it is and enjoy it without destroying it. 

open to partial trades for the following things

-nice, newer cantilever or v-brake set

-650b tires. 50mm or larger. G-one speed ideally. 

-long cage clutch rear derailler in VGC

-interesting 1x cranks. square taper, 170-172mm arms. 

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