I have tried several scenarios for kid hauling:

1. Thule Ridealong: This is a rear seat that attaches to the seat tube. 
Easy to remove, but the ugly attachment/base stays on the seat tube when 
the seat is removed unless you want to take the time to remove it, too. The 
design gives the seat a bit of suspension. I found this to be awesome in 
normal road/town riding, but the suspension was a bit much when on a rail 
trail or fire road. If town riding is generally what you'll be doing, and 
you want a rear seat, you could certainly do worse than the Ridealong. 

2. Cougar Chariot (2): I got the two-seater so I could put some other stuff 
in there along with my daughter. She loved this trailer, and quite frankly, 
I don't know why I sold it. I do know that I couldn't use it on the C&O 
towpath (double track) because of its wheelbase, so I sold it for a 
single-wheeled trailer.

3. Frances Farfarer: After strongly considering the Weehoo, I went with the 
Farfarer because it's just over 1/3 of the weight. I also liked that it was 
made by a framebuilder in CA. He lives in Santa Cruz, and has documented 
the trailer's use with his daughter. It's incredibly lightweight (9-ish 
pounds?) and is a really well-designed trailer. Unfortunately, even my 
rather tall daughter tends to sink down into the trailer. She doesn't seem 
to like it nearly as much as the erstwhile Chariot. We also didn't end up 
doing the C&O tour last year, so I'm considering unloading the Farfarer for 
a Weehoo or giving it another try since she's a year older (and bigger). 
I'm on the fence about keeping this trailer in general because it is super 
versatile, but with its resale value just south of $500, it's pretty tough 
to justify keeping it around if I'm not using it regularly.

Overall, the Weehoo seems pretty ideal, and if I knew what I know now, 
that's where I would've gone for #3. I do think the fully-covered trailers 
are a great option if the roads where you live are wide enough that you're 
not concerned about drivers giving you enough space. I also would highly 
recommend going with the double. It's not that much wider, and it gives you 
a ton of extra space for stuffed animals, snacks, groceries, etc. 

Bob K. in Baltimore

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