Hi Vincent,
Nothing uncool IMO about Bosco but Boscomoose may be cooler.  I’ve never used 
Albatross but eventually went with a Chocomoose on my Clem which Is somewhere 
in the realm between a flipped Albatross and Albastache but with the built in 
stem and fixed angle.  Assuming you have a 55cm cromo Bosco if you picked up a 
stock Clemplete (Clem Complete) and if the 55 width works for you the 54cm 
Chocomoose is almost the same width but gives you those moustache or flipped 
Alba hooks grip area as opposed to Boscos hoods type in front of the lever grip 

I still have a Jones SG2.5 loop bar to try on the Clem as well but haven’t made 
the change yet.

If I go back to Bosco it’ll be with the wider 58cm moose variety but some might 
prefer the adjustability of the non moose models.  I’d personally prefer the 
stiffness of the moose for such big backswept bars despite the fixed angle.

Brian Cole
Lawrenceville NJ

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