Hello Vincent,

Great Clem! It’s right at home on the storm-kissed rolling hills. Of corse you 
realize the rack and basket, the long stays, and oh so much more are utterly 
uncool too right? Grin.

I don’t know cool from hot or not when it comes to trends, but if the Boscos 
are comfortable and working, it’s maybe time to redefine cool? Ask yourself, 
“Why do I ride?” Whatever your answer, I’m betting “to be a slave to the whims 
and notions and percieved perceptions of others” isn’t on the list. Grin. The 
best cool in the world is the one that doesn’t care its cool. Grin.

A few folks invert Albatross bars, but they weren’t designed to be either up or 
down, which means the curves aren’t very comfortable. For that, you’ll want an 
Albastache (new moustache) bar, but that is a road diameter bar which means a 
change in brakes and stem and a lot more reach for you vs. the Boscos. Anything 
short of frequent go-fast club rides and racing and the Boscos are brilliant 
for you. They offer a lot of hand positions, from upright to tuck and crank up 
a hill in a headwind, and lots inbetween. My advice is to practice contentment 
with those, learn them well, and should you want to change bars after a year, 
you’ll know a lot more about what works and doesn’t for you.

Whyever you ride, ride with abandon!

With abandon,

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