Congratulations on the Clem!  I have "flipped" Albatross on mine and they 
work great.  I went from the 55 Boscos to the 55 'Tross (can we call them 
that now to avoid confusion?) so the width wasn't an issue. However, my 
main goal was get the position next to the stem higher than the ends to 
relieve tuck when moving forward. They are comfortable, but you'll need to 
get that stem way up there if you want to keep your flares around saddle 
height. Might negate the "cool".
Here's the link to my post if you want photographic evidence:!searchin/rbw-owners-bunch/nyc/rbw-owners-bunch/-m-oQxuUh80/ny6IPWX0AAAJ

The Bosco is still the most versatile bar when it comes down to it. If 
you're riding where it looks like your riding, I'd stick with them.  If 
you've just gotta try something else, then the Choco would be a great 
contender as Coal Bee mentioned. Not trying to push you away from the 
'Tross, but keep those Boscos around just in case...

Let us know what you come up with. Happy riding!

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