I'm leaning toward snaping up one of the remaining HHH's and have this sweet 
~1990's Burley I built up for C&O riding if love to get rid of.  Some great 
parts and an solid oversized/ovalized MUSA steel frame.

Burley Bossa Nova frame, true temper tubes, I've never been able to date it

Captain SO - 32"
Captain TT - 22"
Stoker SO - 29 3/4"
Stoker TT - 26 1/2"
Stoker reach to Max hbar extension - 16"

Mustache hbars, rear is flipped, Nitto stems
3x8spd friction with SunTour bar end shifters (the stubby ones)
Dia camp brakes (original)
Phil wood hubs, rear 135mm cassette
700c wheels, originally spec'd for 27 1/4"
Compass Barlow pass 35mm standard casing tires

$750 local, not including the Brooks Flyer saddles, but including a set of new, 
not mounted berthoud fenders.

If be happy to talk about the frame without some components, I've often thought 
the frame would be a great disc conversion and allow for 650b x48mm tires.  I 
don't think shipping is a good option on this bike but I'd deliver the bike to 
a LBS for professional packing and shipping if the butter wanted to pay for 


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