You have a nice looking bike there Vincent.  I missed out on Butternut 
Appa.  I have a green.

I echo Jacob's points.  Boscos are one of the most versatile bars out 
there.  Experimenting is fun if/when you have the budget.  But if I were 
you, I would hold on to those Boscos.  You are likely going back to it, 
especially if you enjoy riding upright.

I have tried about 8 kinds of alt bars in one year of owning Appaloosa, 
which is quite similar to Clem in geometry.  I kept avoiding Bosco thinking 
they don't look cool.  After using them for 2 months, now I think they are 
the coolest of all.  Also the most comfy.  It also gives you a lot more 
real estate than other bars (Jones loop might be the only one with more 
room to mount stuff).  Just because I liked the 55cm Bosco, I didn't want 
to stop my experiments.  During Riv's appeal last week, I went ahead and 
bought the 58cm version :)   That's how much I like Boscos.  

I'm still holding on to other bars, including Alba and Choco.  Every once 
in a while, I might swap for a little while for a change.  But I think I'll 
always come back to Boscos.   For rides lasting more than an hour or two, I 
would ONLY ride with Boscos.

On Friday, 2 March 2018 05:19:14 UTC-8, Jacob wrote:
> Vincent-
> Congratulations on the Clem!  I have "flipped" Albatross on mine and they 
> work great.  I went from the 55 Boscos to the 55 'Tross (can we call them 
> that now to avoid confusion?) so the width wasn't an issue. However, my 
> main goal was get the position next to the stem higher than the ends to 
> relieve tuck when moving forward. They are comfortable, but you'll need to 
> get that stem way up there if you want to keep your flares around saddle 
> height. Might negate the "cool".
> Here's the link to my post if you want photographic evidence: 
> The Bosco is still the most versatile bar when it comes down to it. If 
> you're riding where it looks like your riding, I'd stick with them.  If 
> you've just gotta try something else, then the Choco would be a great 
> contender as Coal Bee mentioned. Not trying to push you away from the 
> 'Tross, but keep those Boscos around just in case...
> Let us know what you come up with. Happy riding!
> -Jacob

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