A ready-made solution of the "strong, light parking band spanning the 
distance from the backside of the handlebar to the front side of the brake 
lever" type is available from the ClickStand people. This thing here:   
It does cost $2 though and you don't get the satisfaction of recycling used 
inner-tube rubber into something useful. 

These 2 for $.99 silicone bands have also worked well for me, stretched 
from front wheel valve over downtube back to valve:  

-Jack K.
Raleigh, NC

On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 11:09:32 PM UTC-5, Dave Redmon wrote:
> Even quicker is using a strong, light parking band spanning the distance 
> from the backside of the handlebar to the front side of the brake lever. i 
> use a high quality bungee looped through a section of inner tube which I 
> then slip onto the handlebar opposite my front brake lever. i don't use a 
> kickstand, so when i park I lift the looped bungee over the end of the 
> brake lever, which locks the brakes quite firmly and holds the entire 
> bicycle rigidly against a wall or post. (I prefer to allow only the edge of 
> the handlebar to touch the wall or post, eliminating frame scratches.)  I 
> use a 8"-10" section of strong, high-quality bungee looped through a 
> section of old inner tube a bit larger in diameter than my handlebar. Be 
> sure to place the section of inner tube into the bungee loop before you 
> join the ends of the bungee. . Hold opposite ends of the bungee in a 
> circle, place both ends in a bench vise or vice grips, then join them by 
> wrapping hemp twine tightly around the two compressed bungee ends, knotting 
> as you go.. My parking bands are inconspicuous, out of the way, and have 
> been in use for several years. Works on any handlebar with any type of 
> brake lever. By the way, those pony tail loops found everywhere these days 
> are rarely strong enough to work properly. 
> Dave in Kansas  .   . 
> On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 9:11:48 PM UTC-6, Ian A wrote:
>> Just lock the front brake lever. I use a toe strap. Works perfectly.
>> IanA

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