Scott McLain if I am out there.  

I am out there.  Thanks for asking


Just in case you were going to ask a follow-up question:

I have not weighed both frames.  Next time I have my Hillborne completely 
apart I likely will weigh it.  Next time I have my hands on a bare 
Rivendell frameset of any kind I promise I will weigh it and report back.  
During my 'Rivendell Career' I have not weighed any of those Riv frames.  
I've only done one weight weenie build during that period, where I did 
weigh everything, including the frame.  My Rawland Stag frame weighed 
1974g.  That was/is reasonably light.  The fork weighed 1125g.  That was 
not/is not light.  I also weighed everything when I was doing my Schwinn 
Tempo 650B conversion.  Somebody on this board groused that he had a Tempo 
and it was a tank, or some similar pejorative.  It was/is 2382g (including 
headset cups and DT Shifters).  That's not a tank in my book.  The fork 
was/is 767g which is pretty light.  I don't know how to map weight to 
expected flex characteristics or liveliness.  

I might have another weight weenie build going....

I do sometimes weigh everything when trying to do a weight reduction pass 
at a bike.  I just pulled the fenders off my Hillborne (543g) and removed a 
heavy front rack (598g) to replace it with a medium weight front rack 
(312g).  That cumulative 829g reduction is 1.83 pounds.  Of course removing 
fenders caused the rains to start up again.....

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 3:01:09 PM UTC-8, Scott McLain wrote:
> Hi Eric.  keeping the thread alive.
> I was wondering if Bill had weighed both frames.  I would imagine he has. 
>  It would be hard to argue that an AHH would be more lively if it weighed 
> more or the same.
> Are you out there Bill?

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