Quickbeam now on eBay: 

On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 10:23:33 PM UTC-5, Stephen D wrote:
> Thanks Philip,
> You're absolutely right - the front brake is an Avid Shorty 4, and the 
> tape is Brooks bar tape.
> When I want back to look at my original description, I realized I omitted 
> an important point -- there is a faint dent in the top tube. We bought the 
> bike last year, and here is the prior seller's description of the bike, and 
> his characterization of the dent: 
> http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=391772091525&t=0&tid=10&category=177831&seller=bicycleservices&excSoj=1&excTrk=1&lsite=0&ittenable=false&domain=ebay.com&descgauge=1&cspheader=1&oneClk=1&secureDesc=0
> We felt that the seller's description of the dent was accurate. It is 
> tough to see the dent, but you can feel it. I'll take a video tomorrow and 
> post it in the Flickr album pointing out where the dent is with a pen.
> Also, I have one other update - I'm afraid the bike does not come with a 
> dingle cog after all. We went to get the dingle and realized we only had 
> the lockring for it.
> Sorry for the confusion! 
> On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:32:39 PM UTC-5, Philip Williamson wrote:
>> This is a really nice Quickbeam. I was fantasizing about buying it as a 
>> home for the Paul wheels and Avid Ultimates I have, so my existing 60cm 
>> green Quickbeam could go back to its black kickback and dynamo wheelset, 
>> and I’d have a fast road dingle Quickbeam to complement it. The only 
>> problem with that plan is that I’d want to keep your Cutlass wheels, and 
>> then I’d need to find a new frame all aver again! 
>> I like the black brakes. Looks like an Avid Shorty 4 on the front, not a 
>> Tektro? 
>> I don’t know if you mentioned the Brooks bar tape, but that’s a good 
>> detail, too.   
>> Philip 
>> Santa Rosa, CA

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