I hope this isn't too tangential.  Since you mention cowchippers, I'm in 
the market for a pair and I'm guessing at width.  Are 46cm Cowchippers 46cm 
wide at the flared drops?  Or are they 46cm at the hoods/ramps?  Or 
something else altogether?

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 5:43:50 AM UTC-8, Leaf Slayer wrote:
> I had the Cowchippers, 46cm, on my Vaya a while back and never really 
> liked the way they felt on that bike. They seemed too wide. Like wider than 
> the 48cm Noodles on my LHT. I did like the way they felt in the drops on 
> descents. I was also entertaining thoughts of that bike being a go fast all 
> road machine. Something about that bike ultimately never felt right and I 
> sold it. I think the Cowchippers will work well on the Ogre. If this works 
> well I could see going to the next lever and setting it up with a Crust 
> Towel Rack, a 66cm wide drop bar.
> I know Grant has moved away from drops but I still kept expecting Riv to 
> put out a short reach shallow drop bar of their own.
> --mike

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