Good to hear Bill, and very inspirational. I often wonder why EBDJ doesn't 
come up here more often. I'm sure most of us have read it, or at least are 
aware of it. However, I am also aware of how incendiary the subject can be, 
its definitely personal for many. With that said... Personally I've 
struggled with it. It is something that is almost constantly on my mind and 
something that I would very much like to be successful with. I'm heavier 
than I should be for sure and I yearn to live the healthier lifestyle that 
EBDJ promotes. Yet, I keep failing and falling off and gaining what I've 
lost back. And I bought and read the book right when it came out! How many 
years has it been? I was also reading a lot of the stuff that Grant was 
talking about before EBDJ came out like Gary Taubes' books. So I've been 
trying and failing for some time now. I don't know... there's a switch in 
my head that needs to be duct taped off or permanently removed! I keep 
trying though and what you have written here helps. Good on ya.

Bill in Westchester, NY

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