I put drop bars, TRP levers, Dirt Drop stem, Shimano Cantilever brakes, and 
wide tires on my Appaloosa.

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 3:42:59 PM UTC-5, Edwin W wrote:
> I have not seen (m)any photos of Appaloosas with a drop bar. I wanted to 
> do something new this spring, and my wallet did not want me to get a new 
> bike, so I put on some drops.
> I had tried this a few years ago with my Sam, and it never felt great, so 
> I got a shorter stem this time (7cm vs 9cm). Then I put yellow Newbaum's on 
> with a light coat of clear shellac. Spring time!
> One thing I don't love is that I got the absolute tallest V Brakes I could 
> find when I bought this, and those tall V Brakes need the absolute most 
> cable pull... and the tektro v brake levers for drop bars bottom out. They 
> stop the bike, but no room to spare! Any ideas on how to pull more cable 
> save for getting those pulley add on things? I was thinking of trying 
> another washer on the inside of the arm to put the tops of the arms a 
> little further apart. Will that make a difference?
> Photos 
> <https://www.flickr.com/photos/90785999@N06/40598446042/in/dateposted-friend/>
> I would love to see pictures any other drop bar Appaloosas.
> Edwin

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