FYI - there is a silver 66 QB on the auction site right now. Not sure if 
the price is in or out of line, but there you have it. 


On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 11:04:38 AM UTC-8, John G. wrote:
> Last week, I took delivery of the 62cm Quickbeam that was on Ebay. A big 
> "Thank You" to the Sages and Enablers of this list--without your nudges and 
> advice, I would've hemmed and hawed until it was too late. It's one of the 
> Green ones without mid-fork brazeons, and the build is nice: Phil Wood 
> hubs, Paul cantis, original Mustache bars, etc. 
> Initial reaction: I love this bike! It's my first single speed since I was 
> a kid, and the simplicity is wonderful and addictive. The ride is perfect: 
> it's a nimble, quick bike, but it tracks straight and true. I'm no weight 
> weenie, but there's something wonderful about riding a relatively 
> lightweight Rivendell: the bike manages to feel both eager and calm. It 
> makes me wonder how I'd like a Legolas or Roadeo. I'm also surprised at how 
> much I love the shellac'd mustache bars and their perfect amount of 
> aggression, and I expect they contribute much to the bike's feel.
> I really hope Riv makes more SS frames in larger sizes. I was bummed to 
> see the Frank Jones top out at 59cm, though I understand that stocking 
> larger frames carries some risk. If you bought a 59 cm Frank Jones, post 
> some build pics!

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