After more rides on my 62 SimpleOne with inverted albatross bars, I can say 
I definitely like them on -*that- *bike for sure.

My grips are just a smidge above seat level; but riding with them *at *seat 
level feels good, too.  I'm still dialing it in.  Though the grips are low, 
there's no strain because the grips come back so far.  Almost too far; but, 
it's not like I'm doing an obstacle course with this bike.

I experience a more 'planted' feeling having the grips below the stem 
clamp, as compared to an upright albatross bar.

With the inverted bars, it feels more like I'm steering the bike along with 
a natural lean (rather than 'pushing' it into a turn, which is what it 
feels like to me with most handlebars that have straight-back grips).

The most surprising thing is how great it feels when you move up into the 
curves, which is still natural for me when really stoking it or going up 
hills.  The downward angle of the curves is more natural for the wrist, as 
opposed to the upward angled curves on an upright-mounted albatross.

So, inverted Albatrosses are certainly worth a try. 

But, having said all that, I really, really like the Jones Loop on my 


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