Thanks for posting.  I was going to post about being on the EBDJ or Keto or 
low carb diet and might as well piggyback on yours.  

January 2017, I was at 223 pounds after Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I read 
EBDJ and followed it strict for one year and lost 40 pounds.  I am now 185 
pounds.  I am back to the weight I was for most of my adult life.  People 
tell me I am loosing too much weight and my response is I am back to what I 
should be.   I have plateaued between 183 and 187 and this is where I want 
to me.  

I found my body was made for a low carb diet.  I eat lots of eggs and 
cheese.  I don't miss the breads and don't get cravings for them.  I never 
realized how my body felt with the carbs and until I reduced them and went 
into ketosis.  The best part is I am rarely hungry and no more gas.  

Once and a while I will have ice cream with the kids.  Besides this I plan 
sticking with this lifestyle.  I don't call it a diet because it sounds 
like something I am trying for awhile.  

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