Freshly baked bread that smells like when your mother used to make it. Or 
home-made doughnuts, sprinkled with icing sugar, or natural honey that 
smells like the flowers that the bees made it from. Is a nice cold beer on 
a hot summer’s day a source of carbs? I know a coke poured over ice when 
you are really thirsty would be. 

Even something like an apple picked from a tree, or a bowl of corn flakes 
sprinkled with white sugar (do you like to put the sugar on before, or 
after the milk? Quiet!) , a slice of blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream, 
a boiled potato with a little salt and butter, a freshly made crepe with 
whipped cream in France, a heaping plate of fragrant basmati rice—and let’s 
not even mention a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.


Steamed carrots, again with butter, roasted sweet potato, fried plantains, 
chewing on a stalk of sugar cane that you chopped down with a machete, a 
pastry in a café in Vienna, chicken paprikash, chocolate birthday cake with 
icing, I almost forgot a juicy ripe peach at that special time of year, a 
toasted tomato sandwich with salt and pepper and mayonnaise… 

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