I am experimenting with a pair. I wear shoes and boots from size 11 to 13. 
Redwing 11, Vans and Nike 12.5, 510 13, everything else mostly 12. 
The extra length is VERY noticeable. Unlike any other pedal I have used 
including gripkings. Not sure if I am experiencing all the wonderful benefits 
claimed, but they feel good and are especially great with flimsier shoes where 
other pedals are not as comfy. Going to ride them at Strada Rossa next week, 
which will be the first longer ride on them, unless my experience there changes 
significantly I am not going to return them. Still think my Canfield Crampons 
are just as comfy though very different feeling. They are very well made. VP 
makes them. I am using the shorter pins with are long enough for me. They are 
heavy, but you can wear lighter shoes.

Clayton Scott

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