Thank you, Patrick-  that reminds me of playing on the floor with my kids-  
it always felt good, and I haven't spent  much time on the floor since, I 
think I'll start again-

On Friday, March 9, 2018 at 12:05:15 PM UTC-5, Deacon Patrick wrote:
> Andy asked about floor living. No chairs. Bed is a platform bed with a 
> thin wool pad. The idea came out of what I learned going barefoot almost a 
> decade ago. Because of my bludgeoned brain I have constant neurological 
> vertigo (basically I feel like I’m on two planets simultaniously, each with 
> constantly changing gravity strength and direction, plus whatever my own 
> motion is). What barefooting taught me is my feet were weak because of 
> shoes, rather than I need more supportive, cushioned, raised heel shoes 
> because my feet are weak. My body learned to know, though the input from my 
> bare feet, where I was in space. And I began moving better, smoother, no 
> more knee or back issues (which stemmed from cushioned, raised heel shoes, 
> I now know). 
> Anyway, I applied the same concept to furniture, realizing that the best 
> nights sleep I was getting was durring bikepacking. It took months (like 
> shifting to barefoot) for mymuscles and body to shift and strengthen and 
> learn how to move better, (and a year or so for full transition), but now 
> the only chair I sit in is the car seat and I sit corss-legged in that. Our 
> whole family shifted to floor living, and what we discovered is we feel 
> constantly better, with strong cores, lithe muscles, far fewer aches and 
> pains. 
> Turns out science is catching up with this idea, though the solutions they 
> come up with miss returning to the simplest solution. All those studies 
> that show sitting in an office chair is bad for heart health, etc? Floor 
> living. Grin. 
> With abandon, 
> Patrick

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