Hey Gang,  Analog Cycles, formerly known as the bike half of Gravel & 
Grind, is moving from Frederick Maryland to East Poultney Vermont.  We 
having an inventory reduction sale before we move.  We have lots of frames 
and parts from Riv, Crust, Paul, White Industries, Brooks, Nitto, etc.  We 
also have a big stash of vintage or semi vintage parts, including a small 
horde stash of TA Cyclotourist cranks.  Additional, we have a bunch of 
purist water bottles, Velocity rims, WTB tires, some camping gear, vinyl 
records, good books, Pendleton shirts, vintage camera gear, and more stuff 
I can't recount right now.  We're moving to a small, off the grid shop 
space, and really, we can't fit all this stuff!  

The deal is simple:  everything is going to be a good price.  If you get a 
frame, and want to get wheels too (which we can build and ship post move) 
we'll get you an even better deal on the frame.  Wanna do a complete?  Even 
better deal.  

4 days only.  Not gunna post prices, just know they'll be good.  If you 
want us to ship something, email to see if we have it, and we can get you 
the pricing, on those days only.  We have limited sizes and such, so if you 
want to secure something before the sale, it'll be full wack.  Email me 
with questions:  analogcyc...@gmail.com  -James


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