I am not just speaking to your post Ash, but it reminds me of the general 
presumption of superiority/inferiority that sometimes seems to be when 
speaking of riding in general, regardless of who.

Well,  "riding" does not give a hoot what is worn by the rider.   So 
claiming that a certain style or way of wearing of clothing... is somehow 
"better or worse" than some other style ... totally ignores the 
universality of RIDING, and no I am not referring to a book title and it's 
particular opinions. "Just riding" is simply RIDING(who gives a rats-behind 
what the reasons are? nobody) , and has been simply riding since riding has 
been riding.    

Nobody cares how or why anyone is on a bike riding, be it for pleasure, 
work, prize or transport. Nor their appearances, including apparel , be it 
so-called "natural or man-made" fibrous apparel or wearing not a thing !  

Likewise .... the same goes for eating, or any natural activity of being. 
"Just Eat !"    
(( smiling )) 

Viva la Ride ! 

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