So I ordered one of these Steerstopper gizmos to see whether I could make 
it work on my Hunq. It arrived last week, and after eyeing it up I don't 
think it's going to work out for me. My handlebars are low enough that when 
this in the unlocked position (that is, while riding) the business end 
would extend past the top of the stem by several centimeters - kind of like 
a suicide knob on a steering wheel. I'd rather not have such a protrusion 
in the event of misadventure, although I think it work well with a more 
Riv-ish high handlebar setup. Anyway, I'm offering this up for $75 shipped 
(my cost was $118). Never installed or dry fitted, just taken out of the 

Jay Lonner
Bellingham, WA

On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 6:47:08 AM UTC-8, Julian Westerhout wrote:
> This looks like a very solid option (albeit rather costly):   The 
> SteerStopper ---
> Patrick -- this would be the ticket for preventing flops with heavy front 
> loads -- in my experience the VO spring stabilizer will not do that very 
> well with over 10 lb. loads. 
> Julian Westerhout
> Bloomington, IL 
> On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 12:59:41 PM UTC-6, Patrick Moore wrote:
>> Back to my original question: will the VO or other spring-loaded 
>> stabilizers hold a quite floppy wheel in place when it is holding ~20 lb in 
>> lowriders? And do this without having to be set so tight as to compromise 
>> normal handling?
>> Thanks.

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