A few weeks ago many of you offered suggestions on what to do on my short 
trip to San Francisco.  (Bikes everywhere!!!!  I thought Philadelphia was a 
biking town.  Not like it is in the Bay area.)  It was way-too-short a trip 
and didn’t get in half of what I planned.  Highlights were the Japanese Tea 
Garden and the park, the walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the 
Streets of San Francisco bike tour (I was so happy to get some biking in).  
you to everyone who offered suggestions and bikes to borrow.  I’m planning 
on going back next year and that trip will be longer, so I can get in the 
sites I had to miss.

I visited Rivendell, whose showroom had a few bikes and lots of Joe 
Appaloosas in boxes (there’s many more to the right of the photo that I 
couldn’t get into the shot).  I hope they all sell out fast and make a lot 
of people very happy; I just LOVE mine.  The new blue color is gorgeous and 
as nice as it looks in pictures, it looks even better in person.  I met (in 
order of “hellos”) the dog (I forget his name, but he was a friendly as 
could be), Mark, Roman, and Grant.  I left with a mug for Leah (Bicycle 
Belle Ding Ding!), and noted a few items that I was going to add to my 
on-line shopping cart to ship directly to me once I got home.  The mug is 
beautiful, hefty stoneware and I recommend it; it’s not just another 
typical promotional mug.  I added one to my cart for me, after seeing it in 
person.  I’m so happy that I support a company of this caliber, both in 
quality of products but, especially, in quality of people.   

Lastly, I went to visit my sister in Nevada, who lives in the same town as 
Leah (Bicycle Belle Ding Ding!) and she invited me for coffee.  As a bonus 
(for me), she brought her Betty Foy for me to meet in person. What a lovely 
and well-loved bike!  How long can you chat with someone you’ve never met 
before?  Well, over three hours!  I’ve met a few people on the boards (on 
rides and some PMs) and everyone is so friendly and “not weird.”  She is as 
nice in person as she is on the board.  Thanks for the great coffee and 
conversation, Leah! 

So, from about 20 months ago when I had never heard of Rivendell to now, 
I’ve gotten a bike that I love, met new friends and have learned a lot from 
the board.  Thank you, everyone!  


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