Well sure ..... when I speak about eating what you like, I do so out of having 
lived on so many "trains of thinking" about what to eat and why and not, and 
what food supposedly causes what effect and effects what cause. Finding lasting 
peace-contentment with none of them there comes the point of "what's the point" 
, which is really a hunger of it's own that no food could satisfy. Not just in 
a greater sense, but in the very and oh so Present tense. "What about Here, and 
what about Now ? .... if not Now, when?... if not Here, where? ..... an-other 
now and and here to-be ?" It's like a constant promises that everything will be 
alright.... that's a "wilĺ be-future tense". But not now, oh now ... now 
sucks... now has this laundry list of all that is out of place in my life, in 
the world, and the world of media/education/his-story/confession has all sorts 
of "evidence" to back it up like a self-justification for discontent and 
failure, and I just go along with like a sheep over a cliff because some "simon 
sez so". 

Well gee, the heart can only take so much.... not in the physical sense, but 
for lack of a better word spirit-soul. It's not something anyone has any 
control of either... it just happens and you are powerless to deny. It's like 
playing the part of a liar, living the lie .... then along comes the absolute 
Truth who will have no part of the lie. Like pretending to be a tough guy and 
along comes a child with a bunch of the most beautiful flowers you have ever 
seen and smelled and felt and says "hey mister, these are for you". And you 
just melt like Frosty the snowman, and there is no where left to hide. What 
ideed is the point, the meaning of Life if not Here, if not Now, if not This. 
This is far from the rebellious "live as reckless as I can in the moment while 
I'm alive because it doesn't matter" ... on the contrary .... because Here and 
Now does indeed matter oh so much.... in fact "there" isn't anything else.  
Where else would I go, and who else would I be, but Here and Now that never 
ends and never begins. Like Hereness and Nowness and Beingness. I'm not a 
grammer expert but a -ness has a quality of contrariness in that for all that 
seems so solid and decaying into yester-day and to-morrow .... it is "not" in 
any of it at all. In fact the more you try to contain and pinpoint this 
"OmniPresence" to a certain time or place you are contradicted by It's sure 

  So all of this is really a long winded ramble in Whom it rambles. Eating 
seems to me for the Love of Life, of Being Life ..... not just a life that 
comes and goes, but Life Itself which comes not and goes not. I'm sorry this 
may-not be so practical for anyone .... then again sorry Life is not ☺  

You know we speak often of just riding ...  but this is really just another way 
of Just Life-ing. Nothing extra required, come as you are, just as you are, 
how-er you are dressed, how-ever you look, how-ever you eat, how-ever you 
speak, how-ever and what-ever ...... You are That You are ..... Pricelessness . 

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