Hello everyone,   

I've decided to part with my Hunqapillar after owning it for a couple years 
now.  It simply doesn't get ridden enough since I got a Cheviot, which 
between that and an Ocean Air Rambler cover my bases well enough.  I should 
be so lucky.  Seems a bit decadent to have this beautiful bike leaning in 
the corner.  I bought it used from Ant Ritchey a couple winters ago and 
it's pretty much in the same nick it was in when I got it.  It's a lovely 

As for details, drive train is standard Sugino triple with 12-32 9 speed 
cassette, Paul canti brakes w kool-stop salmon pads, Paul levers, Paul 
funky monkey brake stop, IRD thumb shifters, MAP Ahearne bar (the wider 
one), 110mm tallux stem, nitto front rack.  Wheels are Velocity rear / 
Shutter Precision gen hub front w  Atlas rims and 2.1 Thunder Burts.  Tires 
have less than 250 mi on them and roll beautifully.  

asking 2250 complete + bikeflight shipping or local pickup

pictures here:


best regards, -Scott Minor in Knoxville, TN

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