What Tim said. Also, keep in mind that riding up 15% grades is always more 
anaerobic than aerobic, though going slower can shift that back toward aerobic. 
The liver converts proteins to glycogen we need if we don’t eat carbs. But if 
you are eating in the “middle” of low carb, you aren’t ketogenic (and thus 
triggering liver production), yet aren’t getting enough glycogen through 
potatoes or rice etc. The key is to either be ketogenic (essentially zero 
carbs) or get 2-4 balled-up-fist sized amonts of carbs via potatoes, white 
rice, fruit, etc (a al “Perfect Health Diet”) so your body isn’t stuck in a 
“no-man’s land” when it comes to carb production/availability for the small 
amount of daily carb needed for proper body function.

Over time your body will get more effecient at aerobic function, even allowing 
you to have anaerobic effort along the way.

With abandon,

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