Whelp, I wasn't going to do it then I did it. The first chink in the armor was 
I bought Deacon Patrick's Bike Friday Haul-a-Day and put a kit on it. It's a 
great grocery hauler and a good platform for the juice, but as an unloaded 
"just ride" bike it's a bit quirky. Every time I rode it I couldn't help 
thinking "Man, this kit on my Cheviot would be great!" 

Then I got to thinking about my Pashley Clubman road bike with Paul Racer 
brakes. It's a great bike, but with the Chev as my "regular bike" I just wasn't 
using the Pashley. So I ordered another mid-drive kit and got to parts 
swapping. Now the Chev - with it's long wheelbase and excellent, predictable 
handling - is my non-quirky "just ride" ebike, and the Pashley got the Paul 
Melvin tensioner to match its brakes for a nice, light British 2-speed with 
Albastache Bars, one Suntour bar-end and an old Mavic derailer. 

I did my first shakedown ride on eChev today (it's been raining, sorry for the 
low-light pics) and hoo boy is it fun! Realistically it's overpowered on full 
boost (the no warranty frame warranty is now definitely a no), but I wouldn't 
ride something like this that way. With the Pedal Assist System on a low 
setting it cruises along very nicely, like a Riv with a really good tailwind. 

This wasn't the original plan when I bought the frame, but I'm really happy 
with how all three bikes have turned out now. Pics!


Joe Bernard

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