About the length.  I've mentioned on a couple of other threads the mod I 
made to my Map bar cockpit over the winter - using Nitto 2-70 lamp holder 
and MTB bar ends -  while I had it on indoor trainer duty.  The goal then 
was just to get another body position and use different muscles.  

<https://imgur.com/bz87gtX.jpg> <https://imgur.com/CmlgN6e.jpg> 

After I got this on the road last month, fell in love with it, and don't 
know how I ever lived without it.  


Hooking thumbs on the MTB bar ends or grabbing the leather wrap to stand 
and climb solves the twitchiness on the wide-bar grips.  

I though about using mini-MTB-bar-ends to just have the thumb hook 

But after I got it on the road, discovered the very best aero tuck facing a 
beating headwind was grabbing the full bar ends, so I left it as is.  

On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 7:15:34 AM UTC-5, Jon BALER wrote:
> I have had one on my touring bike for a few years, and like it.  My 
> touring bike is currently a Salsa Marrakesh with flat bar geometry.  
> In the last year, I trimmed down the forward extensions at the bend.  I 
> found I wasn't using the upper portion very often, and now I can rotate my 
> wrists over the end to achieve another hand position.

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