Thanks for all the information..
To answer Bills' question , I'm really just trying to maximize range while 
keeping the quasi-single chainring up front.  I believe I could achieve 
what I need with just getting a smaller chainring but I do find myself in 
the 40/12 often and I don't want to totally give up on a high gear.
The advice to look at % difference between jumps in gear-inches is helpful. 
 I'm now leaning towards a 10 speed Sunrace 11-40 and keeping all shifting 
pieces ..just means I'lll need to keep it friction.

I do live in a somewhat mountainous region *(I know the Catskills are more 
like hills to some of you*) and load my bike up pretty often ...and I also 
know that I can achieve what I need with a triple which I've been happy 
with all these years.  I'm just excited to figure out a system where I have 
a wide low double in the front without a front-derailleur where I'm in the 
Middle position of a 110/74 triple crankset 90% of the time and have a wide 
gearing range in the back that will keep me moving *most* of the time.

Thank you

On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 9:25:50 PM UTC-4, dougP wrote:
> "I'll bet you mean 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32."
> You win that bet.  Thanks for correction.  Foiled again by fumbling fat 
> fingers.
> dougP
> On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 2:01:39 PM UTC-7, Steve Palincsar wrote:
>> On 04/05/2018 12:38 PM, dougP wrote: 
>> > "I does make me curious what others may think is the ideal spacing 
>> > between cogs when climbing and shifting down while attempting to 
>> > maintain a somewhat constant cadence." 
>> That sure depends a lot on the terrain, how much and how fast it 
>> changes, and how much you and your load weigh.    I like 1-tooth 
>> differences up at the top end, 2-tooth in the middle going to 3 for the 
>> last few on most of my bikes, but there are a couple that seem happier 
>> with spacing more like 
>> > 
>> > I've never run more than 8 (and always a triple), so pretty far behind 
>> > current thinking.  For general use & touring, 2 tooth jumps between 
>> > the smallest cogs, going to 3 in the middle & 4 for the last couple 
>> > shifts well and doesn't feel like stepping into a hole.  
>> > 12-14-26-28-21-24-28-32 (or 34) meets my needs. 
>> I'll bet you mean 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32.  I have a customized version 
>> of that cassette (substituting a 1st position 13 for the 12) on my Jack 
>> Taylor, where it works very nicely. 
>> > I was cautious about the 28 to 34 being too big but it shifts well and 
>> > actually feels like a good change.  Sometimes the 28 to 32 doesn't 
>> > feel like much of a change.  Chainrings are 24-34-44, with 700 x 40 
>> > tires. 
>> > 
>> It feels fine to me, but then most of mine have 3-tooth steps at the low 
>> gear end.  And, as it happens, 36x32 is just fine for most of the steep 
>> terrain where I ride.  I have a 24T granny ring, but only get to use it 
>> maybe once a month or so. 
>> -- 
>> Steve Palincsar 
>> Alexandria, Virginia 
>> USA 

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