Dropping the price, $80 plus $10 to ship to Canada/continental US. 

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 4:54:15 PM UTC-5, Peter Adler wrote:
> As a reference point for purchasers:
> I run the ancestor of this BB (a 119mm Phil Wood #3 from the 1970s with 
> 5mm driveside offset, intended for Campy triples and French doubles) on a 
> 1971 Raleigh International with a French half-step/granny (26/46/50; Nervar 
> crankarms, TA rings) and a wide 6-speed freewheel. The chainline, the 
> chainring clearance and the crank clearance are all right on the money. The 
> frame hasn't been cold-set to 126, so I'd get a little more clearance with 
> a 120mm 5-speed wheel.
> My guess is that you'd get similar results with most 70s-early 80s 
> British, French or Japanese frames.
> Peter "a little sorry I can't afford this at the moment" Adler
> Berkeley, CA/USA
> On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 9:13:02 AM UTC-7, Mark Reimer wrote:
>> Hi Riv'ers,
>> I've got a zero-mile Phil Wood 119mm BB, JIS taper, steel spindle for 
>> sale. I mounted cranks to it, but never rode. It wasn't long enough for my 
>> particular needs (was using it for a 3" tire frame). 
>> This spindle length is perfect for running a White Industries VBC double 
>> on an Atlantis. I ran a 44/26 combo for years when I had my Atlantis with 
>> the same BB.
>> $100 USD plus $10 for shipping to anywhere in the continental US or 
>> Canada.

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