If one really wants to be fancy, one can buy some brass standoffs with M5 
male and female threads. I got a handful off eBay 
<https://www.ebay.com/itm/183039069971> (<- not an endorsement, but a 
sample) one time for a few bucks shipped. A small collection of these in 
various lengths are quite useful for spacing that perfect fender line, as 
well as spacing out that bottle cage. I've been known to grind almost the 
entire length, from its hexagonal cross-section to circular (leaving just a 
bit to tighten the standoff), and polish the entire thing for effect. 
Certainly, these go well with brass ferrules and bells, especially as they 
acquire a bit of patina. (*insert Leica brassing fetish comments here*)

Speaking of bottle cages, there are two kinds of design you can buy. I tend 
to categorize them into the "Ciussi 
kind that has a 1-piece attachment, and the "King 
<http://www.kingcage.com/products/steel-water-bottle-cage.jpg>" kind that 
has a 2-piece attachment. The King cages tend to impose less restriction on 
where one can mount the front derailer clamp, especially if said clamp is 
thinnish and no clamp shim is used.

On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 1:37:00 PM UTC-7, Jeffrey Arita wrote:
> In a pinch one could also use valve stem nuts.  Inside diameter is good 
> and they are decent thickness.  Can 'stack' them for rack mounting off-sets 
> at fork braze-on too.
> Jeff
> On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 8:03:20 AM UTC-7, tc wrote:
>> I wish Riv, and other companies, would ship their bikes with longer 
>> bottle cage bolts and spacers to enable one to mount a cage (or whatever) 
>> so it will clear/span the front derailleur clamp.  (They do know it's 
>> there...).  And, to be fair, maybe all bottle cage manufacturers could 
>> design cages with mounting tabs that would stick out enough to clear 
>> derailleur clamps :)  Anyway, my Velo Orange "Retro" bottle cage has a 
>> perfectly flat mounting area, so I needed a solution.
>> I saw that Problem Solvers provides a bolt+spacer solution ... so 
>> obviously this is common enough to warrant some company selling a 
>> work-around.  As I thought it might be over-priced, but more importantly 
>> because I wanted to get on with it and ride, my solution was to:
>> - Go to Performance Bike 10 min away and get two M5 x 0.8 x 20mm socket 
>> head stainless bolts (free ... they had a jillion in a plastic jug of diff 
>> lengths)
>> - Go to Home Depot 5 min from there and get two packs of four M5 
>> stainless flat washers (a little over $1 for both packs total).  They had 
>> no suitable 4mm-ish spacers
>> - Stack 4 washers behind each mounting hole in the the bottle cage so as 
>> to space it out and just clear the protruding derailleur clamp
>> Including the driving and looking for stuff, I was good to go in about 45 
>> min from initial head-scratching.  From 5 feet away, you have to look 
>> really hard to discern the diff between washers and single spacer.  Of 
>> course the bottle hides everything when it's in the cage.
>> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-NTDqiW4MqfY/WsTm8XvLKlI/AAAAAAAABWY/k6rzrN5hlw0bIA2eU4klpApLhkM_jp7UgCLcBGAs/s1600/bottlecage_mounting_solution.jpg>
>> Anyway, I'm sure others have some up with similar solutions.  This is my 
>> quick, cheap solution - hope it helps somebody.  I probably need to look 
>> for a bike-oriented metric fastener|washer|spacer "kit" somewhere.  I tend 
>> not to need anything metric except for bikes, so I haven't built up a bin 
>> full of this stuff yet.
>> Tom

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