Just a heads-up to all of youse, I moved the Mercian Vincitore to ebay, with 
new photos of the naked frameset. Link:

With apologies and thanks---

Paul Brodek
Hillsdale, NJ USA

On Mon, 12 Mar 2018 01:11:14 -0400, p...@skyweb.net wrote:

Apologies for the cross-posting, but I think this frameset fits all three 
groups. I'm selling a tall 2005 Mercian Vincitore custom Road/Fixed-Gear 
frameset, 64cmx59.9cm c-c. I bought it from the original owner, who ordered it 
custom directly from Mercian. Lovely frame, lovely ride, but I'd prefer a bit 
more standover, so I'm hoping to find it a new home. 

The Vincitore is Mercian's top-o'-the-line frame, with the distinctive lugs 
hand-cut from blanks. If my math is correct, the current base price is around 
1,000 pounds (~$1,300)  w/o VAT, plus shipping. I'm not sure if there's an 
upcharge for the fixed-gear configuration.

I'm asking $700 handed-off in the NY/NJ metro area, or $775 shipped via 
bikeflights in the continental USA. Preference will be given to a local sale.

I only have photos of the frame built-up, what's offered for sale here is the 
frame/fork/headset (Chris King) only. Note that the frame takes a 27.4mm post. 
Apologies to CR listers for any and all off-topic parts pictured.

The frame is built with Reynolds 531ST tubing, with clearances for fairly wide 
tires. Actual 700x35mm tires fit comfortably, and I'm fine with slightly 
tighter clearances and 700x38s. I've also ridden it with 650b wheels at one 
point, but didn't have any 650b tires wider than 38mm. I'd guess that 650bx42s 
would fit, but can't guarantee it. The 650b setup gave me a bit more standover. 
I bought, and inexpertly applied, the Reynolds 531ST sticker visible on the 
frame. I don't know if it's correct for a 2005 frameset, but should be fairly 
easy to remove. 

No dents/dings/scrapes or other damage. Paint is a solid 9/10, with just a 
couple of very small scratches. I haven't had it on a frame table, but it rides 
fine. Please check the photos in my flickr album, and PM me with any questions:

Details---measurements are mine;
2005 Mercian Vincitore Custom Road Fixed Gear/ Reynolds 531ST tubing
ST: 73.2-deg; HT: 72.5-deg 
ST c-c: 64.0cm; c-t: 66.0cm x.x
TT c-c: 59.5cm 
Chainstay: 45.5cm; WB: 107.0cm 
BB Height: 27.8mm/11" w/700c
Bottom Bracket Drop: 7.0cm; Standover: 91.0cm/35.75" 
Head Tube Length: 247mm
Brake Reach: approx 58mm w/700c
 Rear Axle Spacing: 120 mm

Paul Brodek
Hillsdale, NJ USA

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