Hi Dave,

That's what I do, too.  My PBH is 88cm.  Extrapolating from the Appaloosa: 
 Based on predicted standover height I might take a 59cm, but then the TT 
would probably be too long and it would have a double TT, which I don't 
want.  The standover on a 56cm is a little lower than I have with most 
Rivs, but the predicted TT would be in line with what I'm used to and know 
I like.  The key words in those 2 sentences are "predicted," "probably," 
and "might."  

I'll call Riv.  I don't want to base a sizing decision on speculation, and 
I've come to trust their opinion as much as---and sometimes even more 
than---my own.  


On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 8:13:25 AM UTC-4, Dave Johnston wrote:
> As Keith points out standover heights are listed so you can also do 
> PBH - 2.54 = standover as a starting point. That is to say the 
> Standover should be 1in less than PBH (1 in crotch clearance in bare 
> feet).....
> If I'm between sizes I also take top tube length into account when 
> using drops....

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