That's remarkable. Now, my Honjos were the "hammered" type; I wonder if
that made them more brittle, or if that's not the cause, at any rate, more
prone to cracking?

Good to know about compound curves; I hope eventually to replace the
Berthouds on one of my Rivs (which I slightly marred in a clumsy first
attempt at shaping to fit between narrow stays and fork), and given your
comment, I may try to snap up any FS Honjos I see on-list. The marring is
minor enough that I won't swap unless I see a good deal, though.)

And, I like your application of Tire Savers to the safety function. I have
a stash of those things and I'll consider adding them if and when I do swap

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 5:07 AM, Ron Mc <> wrote:

> I'm going to take exception with Patrick, in that, you'll never crack any
> fender unless you install it with external residual stress (and yes, he
> admitted that).
> I have one set of Honjos that has been on two bikes, for many, many
> thousands of miles - wrecked on the 1st bike, reshaped the S-shaped front
> fender to install them on the second bike.

> Honjos take very well to shaping compound curves.  Spread them every inch
> or so to tighten the radius, squeeze, increase the radius.
> <>
> I don't hesitate to ride the bike in slop, but on my Compass slicks, and
> the reason I don't care about the slop is I use tire wipers where most put
> their mud guards.  They reject everything from the fenders and scrape
> occasional mud from the tires, preventing the fenders from plugging.  Zero
> noise on gravel roads.  That said, not intended for riding in mud, but
> dealing with intermittent mud patches
> <> <>
> Jan didn't like this, but for Many (thousand) miles, it works fine.  Have
> flipped the front scraper backwards, and it simply deflects out of the
> way.  It rejects rocks, sticks, chert and most of the mud from entering the
> fender.
> I don't think I'd use any fenders with knobbies.  I think I'd go with
> mountain bike type mudguards for knobbies.
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