Beeeutifull!!! All that dark green and black with the white graphics is so 
sharp. Well done and congratulations!


On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 8:11:17 AM UTC-4, tc wrote:
> Thanks all -- it really is a fun bike.  Sometimes it's just nice not to 
> change gears and focus on what you can do with what you've got.  Kind of 
> freeing.  I'll stick with this gearing for a while and see what happens.  I 
> will probably add a tooth or two to the chainring eventually, but whatever 
> - it's all good.
> Other thoughts:
>    - I continue to like the inverted Albatross bars.  I will add another 
>    layer of leather grip wrap, not because of vibration or soreness, but 
>    because the diameter with 1 layer just feels too small to me.
>    - Confirmed on my ride yesterday that moving up into the curves on the 
>    inverted Albatross is really comfortable.  I didn't do it that often; but, 
>    when I did, just to change things up, or esp. to climb, it felt natural 
> and 
>    provided comfortable leverage when pumping up hills.  And it looks cool :)
>    - The 42mm Continental Contact tires ('basketball tires') are actually 
>    quite nice.  This is my first set.  Felt reasonably fast, and at ~42lbs 
>    pressure absorbed vibrations, bumps, and wooden bridge irregularities very 
>    well.  Noiseless, too.
>    - The Brooks B17 Imperial (has the central cutout) is such a great 
>    saddle.  I have one on my Sam and love it.  Just the right amt of support, 
>    enables moving around easily, and just enough give without needing 
>    springs.  I really like it over the regular B17 or the Flyer.
> Tom

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