Yeah I think this is why PBH alone isn't sufficient to size a bike, unless 
it's a really wide range.  My wife and I are within an inch of each other's 
PBH, but her torso is markedly shorter than mine.  Also, her femurs 
comprise a larger % of her leg length than mine, affecting comfortable 
setback, affecting reach to the bars.  So while I can comfortably ride a 58 
Sam with an 80mm stem and Noodles, she can't get a stem short enough to 
make Noodles work on a 58 (notwithstanding the Analog 'no-reach' stem, 
maybe).  Even if she could, she love her Albatross bars and upright 
position they offer.

I think a combo of PBH, plus a slightly modified version of Black Mountain 
Cycle's sizing method would fine tune sizing very well.  For those not 
aware, one of the dimensions BMC uses is the distance between the front tip 
of the saddle to the flats of the drop bar *on a bike that fits you well*.  See 
example here <>.  However, given 
short and long saddles (and some w/out a lot of fore/aft rail to play 
with), I would modify this dimension so that the measurement is from the 
center of the seat post (at the height you ride ... yeah, you'd have to 
remove your saddle) to the flats of the drop bar.

Of course call Riv in the end and explain your body dimensions and they 
will hook you up.


On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 9:26:51 AM UTC-4, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> I disagree with the assertion that the MIT Atlantis is not intended for 
> drop bars. The 56 new Atlantis would be spot on perfect for me with drop 
> bars and a 100mm extension stem. I look at lots of geo-charts and I’m 
> usually bummed at how short top tubes are. So my hope and feeling is that 
> there are plenty of options out there for folks who objectively know that 
> they aren’t able to buy an Atlantis. 
> Bill Lindsay 
> El Cerrito Ca

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