Hi Lester

You are confusing me.  You say you have a 55cm Cheviot with e 57.5cm ETT.  
That's not what the current Geo-chart 
<https://www.rivbike.com/pages/geometry> says.  Do you have a Cheviot that 
does not match the geo-chart?  Does your post have a typo?  According to 
the numbers on Rivbike.com, a 53cm MIT-Atlantis has a 2cm SHORTER effective 
top tube than a 55cm Cheviot.  In addition to that, a 53cm MIT-Atlantis has 
a 0.5 degree more laid back seat tube angle, which means that you will move 
the saddle ~5mm farther forward on your Atlantis than you did on your 
Cheviot.  That's 2.5cm (a full inch) shorter cockpit, so you should be good 
to go with drops.

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 10:15:39 AM UTC-7, Lester Lammers wrote:
> Howdy Bill,
> I suppose it would depend on body type. My 55 cm Cheviot has a 57.5 cm ETT 
> and I'd need a very short stem for drops. I'm still considering  the MIT 
> 53cm, which has a 57.5 cm ETT, but without drop bars. I will call Riv and 
> discuss. 
> On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 9:26:51 AM UTC-4, Bill Lindsay wrote:
>> I disagree with the assertion that the MIT Atlantis is not intended for 
>> drop bars. The 56 new Atlantis would be spot on perfect for me with drop 
>> bars and a 100mm extension stem. I look at lots of geo-charts and I’m 
>> usually bummed at how short top tubes are. So my hope and feeling is that 
>> there are plenty of options out there for folks who objectively know that 
>> they aren’t able to buy an Atlantis. 
>> Bill Lindsay 
>> El Cerrito Ca

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