I'm just guessing like everybody else of course, but I can't imagine this 
not fitting on the Atlantis or even Tim's Appaloosa.   The Rat Trap Pass 
comes in at quite a bit under the labeled size so, if the same hold true 
here, it shouldn't even be close.  

The Hunquapillar and Clem, on the other hand, easily fit the even-larger 
but similarly-targeted schwalbe super moto/big one/g-one.  To me, the 
existence of that tire is what makes this one curious indeed.  As noted by 
others, there's a relatively small, niche set of bikes that could use it.  
Even though I have the schwalbes and am happy with them, I strangely feel 
almost obligated to buy this tire at some point, just to reward Compass for 
doing such cool stuff.  

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 1:51:17 PM UTC-6, ctifusion wrote:
> I've had Compass on three bikes and I can't imagine buying any other tire 
> (except maybe for a total city workhorse/grocery getter). This will fit on 
> the new Atlantis and other RIv bikes with the 2.2 / 55cm clearance?
> Brynnar
> Indy
> On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:32:36 PM UTC-4, Tim Bantham wrote:
>> I am a big believer in Compass tires now that I have spent some time with 
>> the Barlow Pass on my Sam. I was initially really excited to see the 700x55 
>> version coming out but I now wonder if they will even fit my Appaloosa. I 
>> think the Atlantis and Hunqapillar clearances are a little more generous. I 
>> will definitely buy them if I discover that they will fit my bike 

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