Good to know, thanks Jonathon.

On Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:08:25 UTC-7, Jonathan K. wrote:
> I have the medium Big Back Rack on my Appaloosa (58) and it works great 
> for supporting a medium Saddlesack. 
> <>
> On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:06:26 PM UTC-5, Sky Coulter wrote:
>> Hi all, 
>> Finishing up a build for my wife -- a 46cm joe appaloosa --  and I'm 
>> finding the long chain stays leave quite a bit of a gap between the saddle 
>> and the front of the rack.  My concern is that the back rack won't 
>> adequately stabilize and support her saddlebag if only part of the bag 
>> makes contact with the rack.  To remedy this, I've switched from the big 
>> back rack that Rivendell sells to the r-15 - which is easier to move 
>> forward.  But ideally I'd like her to be able to have both a saddle bag and 
>> panniers on a back rack. I'm wondering if anyone out there has suggestions 
>> regarding a back rack that reduces the gap between the saddle and the rack 
>> on a long chainstay bike and that can support heavy panniers.  I think 
>> there was a brief moment in time that riv was selling a 'long boy' big back 
>> rack that addressed just this issue but it seems to have disappeared.
>> Thanks for any and all suggestions.
>> Sky
>> I've attached a photo of the bike in current configuration - still needs 
>> a front rack and dyno light.

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