Sorry, sorry for that.
But ... a few years ago I had the same thing happen to my not too expensive 
Centurion and just made a dressing by putting a wooden plate on each side 
of the stays and shaping it. Can be done more or less elegant. A variety of 
beausage in my view.

your requirements may vary, though

Olof Stroh
Uppsala Sweden

Den torsdag 12 april 2018 kl. 22:06:13 UTC+2 skrev ascpgh:
> Tuesday afternoon I put my Rambouillet in the work stand to check 
> everything over before the inaugural ride of the neighborhood coffee shop 
> group ride and I noticed my rear brake caliper moving way too much when I 
> stopped the rear wheel. I thought that my mounting bolt was loose.
> Upon closer examination I realized the tubular bridge between the stays 
> has completely broken its brazing and is free to rotate when the back brake 
> is applied. Not a little bit, a lot.
> Scientific analysis couldn't determine a worse day of the year to be 
> looking for frame repair/repaint or get a new one. I know the paint alone 
> is going to be big if I have the original finish replicated. 
> I'm just sick about it.
> Andy Cheatham 
> Pittsburgh

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