It's clear in the failed mode that the stay walls were drilled as sockets 
for the bridge, so relocating it would would be more of a chore than if its 
ends had been mitered and the stay walls left intact. 

Even if I opened the rear clearance, I'd have to contend with the fork 
clearance. I replaced the dual pivot side pulls with Paul Racers to 
optimize clearance for Stampede Pass ELs under the hammered Honjos, a 
combination I have really enjoyed. 

Andy Cheatham

On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 10:17:16 PM UTC-4, Kieran J wrote:
> Even though I feel your pain (it does suck for sure!), I had a chuckle at 
> this. I almost wish this would happen to me so I had a strong-arm reason to 
> address a few issues that have stacked up with my orange Boo-Yay.
> I'd move the two bridges and gain a bit of rear tire clearance. Moving the 
> brake bridge and chainstay bridges up/forward a little would match the fork 
> tire clearance, so I could run proper 35s and fenders. I would also take 
> the opportunity to repair the small dent in the TT and the mildly mangled 
> seat cluster that was there when I bought the frame. I'd also install 
> mid-fork bosses and then repaint a colour of utmost awesomeness. Some days 
> I like the creamsicle - others, not so much. 
> I know how much you love your Ram Andy - hope you get it well again soon!
> KJ
> On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 1:06:13 PM UTC-7, ascpgh wrote:
>> Tuesday afternoon I put my Rambouillet in the work stand to check 
>> everything over before the inaugural ride of the neighborhood coffee shop 
>> group ride and I noticed my rear brake caliper moving way too much when I 
>> stopped the rear wheel. I thought that my mounting bolt was loose.
>> Upon closer examination I realized the tubular bridge between the stays 
>> has completely broken its brazing and is free to rotate when the back brake 
>> is applied. Not a little bit, a lot.
>> Scientific analysis couldn't determine a worse day of the year to be 
>> looking for frame repair/repaint or get a new one. I know the paint alone 
>> is going to be big if I have the original finish replicated. 
>> I'm just sick about it.
>> Andy Cheatham 
>> Pittsburgh

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