Toshi: A bit late to the party, but very nice Roadeo.

How do you like the Kojaks? And why Kojaks rather than a Compass tire? I've
used Kojaks on 3 bikes, and for a "non-premium" tire that resists thorns,
they're pretty good indeed. But I'd think you'd want a premium tire for
such a nice bike.

> On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 12:37:11 AM UTC-5, ttoshi wrote:
>> I weighed my Roadeo out of curiosity and it is 22 lbs as shown in this
>> picture, but without the wrap under the saddle.  I suppose if you used a
>> double crank and got a lighter seat, it might be close to 20 lbs, but that
>> was not my goal for this bike.  I like using the Roadeo for long rides with
>> fair weather--riding 200 miles or under, so comfort and low gearing is more
>> important than weight to me.
>> Toshi
>> um-72157632686324800/

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