Regarding the BMC road Tom writes "... better for the more flexible Gumby 
I don't think that is accurate. My BMC is much more aggressive/gumbyish 
than my wife's Roadini, but that is largely because that is what I was 
going for. I've got a -17deg 13cm stem on my BMC with 7.5mm of spacers 
under it. That puts my bars ~3in below the saddle and gives the reach I 
like (originally I tried a 12cm stem and I prefer the 13). This is on a 
frame that is a size smaller than I initially thought I would buy. If I 
wanted a more relaxed position going up a size or two, using some spacers, 
and selecting a -6deg stem would have done that. I'm pretty sure you can 
set up a BMC road with a similar position to the one you would set up on a 

I think the real discriminators are stem style (threadless vs quill), and 
aesthetics (e.g. lugs vs tig, tt slope, paint etc). They are both great 
bikes, size either to get the position you want and you won't go far wrong. 

On Friday, April 13, 2018 at 2:51:39 PM UTC-7, tc wrote:
> Called Riv.  They say there's a def difference in the ride of the Roadini 
> vs Sam.  If you're looking for road-only, and you have another gravel or 
> singletrack bike, and don't need to haul a lot of weight, Roadini is worth 
> it.
> I fantasize about long tours with gobs of stuff.  It will likely never 
> happen; but, if it does, that's what Atlanti are for.
> What I DO do often is just get out and ride 15 to 35 mi, without anything 
> but water, extra tube, and minimal tools.  Roadini.  Or SimpleOne :)
> Sounds like BMC bikes are very nice, and you get a lot for the $$, but 
> more aggressive in stance and therefore better for the more flexible 
> "Gumby" types among us.  I like light and responsive, but only if it's 
> comfortable.  
> Tom
> On Friday, April 13, 2018 at 3:52:06 PM UTC-4, Patrick Moore wrote:
>> I'm interested in this comparison myself, as I've looked with interest at 
>> the BMC Road.

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