This is a great build!

How do you like the A23 rims, and did you get the offset rear?  I'm 
considering these (although 32 holer) with 105 hubs.  I saw an interesting 
video on youtube by a wheel builder talking about the A23 and advantage of 
the offset for the rear.

I'm considering different shifter types.  Could you share a little of your 
pros/cons with downtube shifters, esp. on your Roadini?  I have bar ends on 
my Sam, which are OK and of course super simple.  I've liked brifters in 
the past because of the obvious convenience, but also because of the wider 
hoods that spread out hand pressure.  I like the classic look of downtube 
shifters, and that they offer a little tiny bit of weight savings, and 
because they unclutter the cockpit.  I guess having to take your hands off 
the bar to shift is a good thing to relieve pressure. But I wonder if it's 
too inconvenient for me.  Seems it'd be easy enough to get used to it, and 
maybe having to anticipate shifts quicker comes with time.  I'm not riding 
in fast-paced stop-n-go city traffic, nor fast club rides ... more like 
paved greenway and suburb roads.


On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 9:55:46 AM UTC-4, William R. wrote:
> Hi Kellie. I'm loving my 57cm Roadini. I agree with Austin's wife: it is 
> super smooth typical Riv geometry characteristics and certainly not twitchy 
> at all. Nice and light. As shown, it is about 27lbs, which is about 8lbs 
> lighter than my Appaloosa. These two bikes are not redundant at all and 
> have very separate purposes, I'm really enjoying both!

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