I love that bike. It's my size, too. And a fantastic price. 
Looking forward to seeing the Cosmic Country rebirth, and good luck on your 
live-aboard life! 

Santa Rosa, CA 

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 8:30:33 PM UTC-7, bicyc...@gmail.com wrote:
> I'm selling a piece of Rivendell history as I refine my footprint into a 
> sailboat. Only one bike can stay, and this one cannot be easily S&S'd or it 
> would.
> Mark Nobilette Made.
> 60cm ish upsloper, fits me like a glove. 93 is my PBH. All my other riv 
> bikes have been 62 to 66cm. Second top tube is beautifully fillet brazed. I 
> liked the improved standover compared to my 62cm Hunqapillar. The bike has 
> a slightly higher bottom bracket though and a slightly shorter set of 
> chainstays than the eventual production Bombadil - I like how nimble it 
> felt by comparison. Way shreddier than my old Toyo Hunqapillar, it carves 
> turns - after I got this bike the hunqapillar was sold. Best bike I have 
> ever owned, to be certain.
> It's built for resilience and singletrack adventuring. Before I rebuilt it 
> from the repainted frame, a raw clearcoated it rolled down the continental 
> divide with Daniel from Tumbleweed Bikes. Some scratches, but cared for in 
> my travels with it and riding like new. I can equip it with Albatross or 
> Raw Bullmoose bars. Right now it has albatross bars. Paul Cantis, Paul 
> Levers, Paul Thumbies. 3 Bottle Cages. Hands on wheels, shimano hubs, heavy 
> rims (I think cliffhangers) front and rear. Will include a set of knobbies. 
> Also happy to include a porteur rack up front if you want it.
> This bike has ridden me through many a mile of twisting californian 
> backcountry, and has thousands of miles to go.
> In the words of my friend Adam, "If one top tube breaks, just keep riding!"
> It will be missed.
> How does 2000 sound? It's stacked with the best equipment. I hear people 
> on land around here pay twice that for rent every month. Ride away and get 
> lost for the next decade. I will owner finance it to the right dirtbag, I 
> just need to remotely know you through a friend.
> For now, local pickup preferred. Will consider shipping, so perhaps write 
> me direct to get in line. I'd prefer to sell to someone on the list, who 
> understands how special this bike is and wants to continue it rolling into 
> the sunset. More photos and details upon request. After a week or so it'll 
> go to craigslist where I imagine she'll disappear quickly.
> And, finally, I miss this community. Cosmic country is on the verge of 
> rebirth. I needed to recalibrate and live my travels without a camera but I 
> know what I want to show next.
> Thanks,
> Erik
> -- 
> oakland, ca
> bikenoir.blogspot.com

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