Congrats Bill. It's always cool to see someone get something special...with 
two wheels.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 6:45:06 PM UTC-4, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> Hopefully a Instagram Link to Rivbike's feed 
> <>
> Roman and I both ordered 57cm Legolas framesets at the same time.  
> Nobilette built them up, and they arrived from paint yesterday.  Mine is 
> the purple one, and Roman's is the matte coral one.  Roman's was already 
> built, so I even got to test ride it.  I'm pretty excited.  Build 
> documentation forthcoming, rest assured. 
> Yes, that's a custom Nobilette threadless stem, colormatched to my 
> frameset.  The color is "amethyst smoke".  
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito, CA

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