Patrick, funny, 2 young women on cheapish mountain bikes/hybrids stopped as
I was fiddling with the wheel and asked if they could help. One of them had
a backpack crammed Bobfull (or RBW-full) of kit, including bandages and
wheel truing stand. (Bandages, true; truing stand, not.) Alas, no boot, but
she offered me a dollar bill when I told her that US currency worked (I

Tom: I tried to reinforce the bandana boot (which was bulging horribly) by
tying a section of the busted innertube around the tire, but it lightly
grabbed the fender as it rotated, and was pushed off the bulge. But there
is ample clearance for bulge under fender with the ~29 mm actual Elk
Passes; Kojaks left less room. I did remove the rear brake blocks to allow
the "strap" to pass the brake arch.

Garth: When I got home, the first thing I did was to cut boots from the
worn tire; remove beads, cut into 2" or so sections; perfect area and

Moving on: 1748 miles, 1600 if I had played it safe, is not a lot for a $80
tire, when you carry groceries on it. Has anyone used the McClure Pass? How
does it roll, and how does it last, compared to other tires of the same
(1.5") width? I can go back to the Kojak, but, as worth as that tire is,
it's not nearly in the Elk Pass class. Is the McClure Pass any better for
rolling, while allowing say 2,500 miles of use?

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