Thanks for the reminder! This is especially pertinent as a lot of us ride 
with functional fenders, that obscure quick visual inspection of rear 
tires. I know I've been occasionally surprised by how much my rear tires 
have worn, although thankfully not to the extent you've experienced.

Before the release of the Naches Pass tires, I used the McClure Pass tires 
extensively and exclusively, for commuting, weekend riding and even a 
couple of brevets on my Atlantis. I did get a pretty nasty cut on one (that 
was fairly new at that time), but barring such catastrophic failure modes, 
they seemed to wear quite well. I regrettably did not keep accurate records 
of mileage, but I would be surprised if they did not easily exceed 2000 
miles with those thick Pasela treads and durable rubber compound. These 
tires were on my "daily" bike, I've only ever bought three, and the 
surviving pair was beginning to yellow over time as skinwalls tend to do. I 
will say that I prefer the Naches Pass (standard casing) over McClure Pass 
tires, as the former seem to roll noticeably better (subjective – I have no 
data), and have acceptable toughness and grip even over reasonable 
mixed-terrain routes.

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