's good you didn't get hurt - or worse yet, your bike get harmed 

I can't help but comment on your 'thank God for fenders' remark:  I think 
your fenders may have inadvertently contributed to the blowout, because 
they concealed the tire from view and prevented you from noticing the tread 
wear.  I prefer riding fenderless (when possible....I live in Seattle) for 
several reasons, but mainly because I can't help but notice my tires.  It's 
easy to give them a quick pinch before each ride to check air pressure.  If 
I ride over debris, I run my fingers along the moving tire to check for 
embedded glass.

I hope this doesn't come off preachy because I'm far from fastidious, and I 
think it's a good thing to get maximum wear from your tread.  I'm sure in 
many poorer countries it would be considered wasteful to replace a tire 
before the casing was showing.


On Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 5:09:28 PM UTC-7, Patrick Moore wrote: 
> Riding home from the grocery store near Corrales this afternoon, with a 
> ~30 lb load in back, I got as far as the old Alameda bridge over the Rio 
> Grande, when POW! the rear tire exploded.
> Turns out it was worn to the casing at a couple of points -- those may 
> have been points where I skidded -- and the casing had just busted, letting 
> the tube through, tube exploding and spraying Orange Seal from the new rear 
> tube -- thank God for fenders!
> Very fortunately it was the rear, and it happened in a non-auto zone.
> 1748 miles (I was dreaming when I claimed >3,500 -- was looking at the 
> wrong numbers) on the rear, but an often loaded rear, not infrequently 
> ridden for at least 3 or so miles on bosque dirt. Better than 559 X 1.25 
> non TG/folding Paselas, at any rate, by about 40%. 
> I'll have to check the tread wear on the gofast, but I installed those 
> tires later and ride that bike less.
> I ... had no boot ... for the ~8 mm slit, so -- the tires fit loose on the 
> rims -- rolled a bandana in and stuffed it between new tube and casing. 
> That lasted about 3-4 miles (checked every half mile or so!) until it wore 
> through; then I took the old tube (I was smart to keep it) and cut a 
> section, folded it in half, and booted the spot with that. It bulged, but I 
> made it home, so completing an otherwise very nice 17 mile errand ride.
> The lousy photo shows the spot after I reached home, about 6 miles after 
> the incident. The tube showing is the booting tube.
> If you ride performance tires, check that tread!
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