Thanks for posting.  I've never followed anything on facebook too closely 
(even before the current dust-up), so I wouldn't have seen this.  I thought 
that page was more about pictures than conversations.  From a quick read, 
it didn't sound too inflammatory or troll-ish, thankfully.  Mostly a bunch 
of hand wringing over such crucial things as:

*"Should the new Atlantis have been called something else because it is 
built in Taiwan and has a sloped top tube, in order to avoid 'diluting' the 
brand?,"* and  

*"I suspect that long chainstays will be a liability in singletrack... even 
though I've never tried them."*

All pretty benign in the grand scheme of things, and I suspect that the 
reason most people comment is because they actually care about Rivendell.  
 Some are just less aware of how critical sounding their comments actually 
come across.   Others are just curious.    

I've been thinking recently about how vocal I myself have been on this 
forum over the years, about frustrations over how a particular model was 
not  made in my size, or in saying that *"if only it had X feature, then 
Rivendell's Y product would be perfect." * I'm not sure my intentions or 
good will are always clear.  So what's funny about the new Atlantis is that 
it has now evolved into the EXACT bike I've been screaming about, and it 
rectifies every criticism, and it eliminates every excuse I've ever had for 
not getting one:  Because of the sloped top tube, there is now a size that 
fits me;  I can afford it;  It has a better, more nimble wheel size for my 
intended use;  It eliminates toe clip overlap;  It will be less twitchy and 
more stable.  Put that frame together with the forthcoming new "wider 
albatross" bar that I and others endlessly whine about wanting, and Riv 
basically just released my dream bike at a non-custom price.

So for everyone who laments the changes, there's probably someone else like 
me who couldn't be happier, and who will actually spend their money.  
Whoever posted that collage on the other thread, about the Porsche 911 
chronology,  said it perfectly in so many words.  Remember how people 
freaked out when it became liquid cooled?!  Bottom line was that the car 
remained geared toward a specific type of driving, and toward a specific 
type of customer.   The fact that the Atlantis continues to evolve and 
innovate is precisely what makes it the timeless classic that it is.   What 
would be silly is NOT changing it up once in a while.

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